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Published onJan 22, 2021

Image © Rose Frantzen. Reproductions of this image are not permitted unless express consent is provided by the artist.

History, 2019

Rose Frantzen (American, b. 1965)

Oil on linen

On loan from the artist.

Although not part of the In the Face of Illusion series, these intimate portraits give insight into the essence and identity of a person one may not get to see when interacting with individuals in daily life. When stripped down, unadorned and just out of bed, this image provides a hint to the viewer about who this couple is before they have spent time collecting themselves and constructing the image they wish to present to the world. How do clothes and external appearances presented to the outside world project an identity to others?

In History, a man stands in front of a room stacked with what looks to be his possessions. He gazes out at the viewer, drawing them in to examine what makes up this man’s life, what he cherishes.

When paired with the illusion paintings, these paintings can examine the reluctance of some to get to know the oldest members of a community. As years go on, in life, in marriage, as children grow up, through careers, or through the collection of objects over a life time, how does one add layers to their identity? How does the accumulation of memories change the perception of the self?


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