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Dolores, A Warrior for All Living Beings

Published onSep 15, 2022
Dolores, A Warrior for All Living Beings

Dolores, a Warrior for All Living Beings, 2018

Favianna Rodríguez (American, b. 1978)

Digital print, Edition 10

Gift of Women in French. Women in French is a scholarly association established in 1978 and whose goal is the promotion of the study of French and Francophone women authors, artists, filmmakers, and intellectuals. In the Art on Campus Collection, University Museums, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.



This print is meant to honor Dolores Huerta, labor activist, Chicano civil rights activist,  and co-founder of the United Farm Workers Association. Working in community activism and building awareness of the interconnected nature of labor, environmental practices and the people and animals that are affect by these policies, Huerta has been a long-standing figure in organizing towards a more just future.


Depicted as Mother Earth, cradling the world in her lap, natural elements that symbolize the larger causes of Huerta’s life surround the figure, such as plant life, and a monarch butterfly symbolizing migrant workers and Huerta’s efforts to improve their working conditions. By depicting Dolores Huerta as Mother Earth, how does this add to the legacy of the individual and the larger movement she has created?

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