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Preliminary Study related to Veterinary Medicine Mural

Published onSep 15, 2022
Preliminary Study related to Veterinary Medicine Mural

Preliminary Study related to Veterinary Medicine Mural, 1935

Christian Petersen (Danish-American, 1885–1961)

Paper, conté

Purchased by University Museums from Mary Petersen. In the Christian Petersen Art Collection, Christian Petersen Art Museum, University Museums, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.


This sketch by Christian Petersen was created in preparation for the large-scale terra cotta panels of the Veterinary Medicine Mural. Petersen depicts each figure in motion, illustrating the career of a veterinarian as one full of movement. The downward curve of the head and the dramatic diagonal leaning physical effort of the central figure displays man’s control over animals in this career, as the figure is guiding a horse to receive care and medical attention by the veterinarians at Iowa State. How does the sketch for the Veterinary Medicine Mural relate to Christian Petersen’s nearby sketches of the dancers? Do the figures in this sketch suggest movement? What are the ranges of motions that are happening in the preliminary study?

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