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Fritz, Morgan

Published onMar 12, 2021
Fritz, Morgan

Morgan Fritz, 2021 by Rose Frantzen (American, b. 1965). Oil on board. Part of the Faces of Iowa State Series. Commissioned by University Museums and the Office of the President. In the Art on Campus Collection, University Museums, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. U2021.6

My name is Morgan Fritz, and I am a junior in political science, set to graduate in the spring of 2022. I’m originally from Lake Mills, Iowa, which is a small town about two hours north of Ames.

I like to joke that I chose Iowa State because of the early 2000s commercials, iconic for the “choose your adventure at Iowa State” line being whispered to the audience – great marketing if you ask me! In all reality, when I toured campus and spoke with people, I saw students achieve massive success stories – all we have to do is put our minds to something, because the opportunities and resources are all here to accomplish our goals.

During my time at Iowa State, I’ve been involved in Student Government, within the Sorority & Fraternity Community as a member of Alpha Delta Pi, the Legacy of Heroines Scholarship Program, and President Wintersteen’s Leadership Class. My favorite memory is a tie between getting painted for Yell Like Hell (how often is it socially acceptable to get painted head-to-toe in cardinal and gold house paint?!) and rushing the football field after the game against West Virginia my freshman year.

COVID-19 has certainly had an impact on my college experience. Elected as Student Body President on March 5th and sworn in on March 26th of 2020, never could I have imagined what would happen between those two dates. For the first, I had just finished meeting hundreds of students, shaking lots of hands, and discussing plans for campus if elected. For the other, I was taking part in a socially-distanced inauguration next to the Fountain of Four Season with three people present. Days later, I joined the Academic Fall Planning Group, which sought to answer the questions, “Will students return to campus this fall? If so, how will we do it?” Each week was a new challenge of coming up with ideas of how to come back to Iowa State – though difficult, it was all worth it to be back on campus. In hindsight, we found the semester to be a success – students were able to return to Iowa State, online classes proved to deliver a quality version of the classes that we were all accustomed to, and we even got to watch some football on top of it all!

I often say that choosing Iowa State was the best decision I’ve ever made – it’s provided me with the opportunity to receive a world class education, interact with staff and faculty that have served as mentors and that truly care about my education, and make friends across campus that will support me for the rest of my life. Attending Iowa State and serving within Student Government has solidified my future in the state of Iowa – I truly love it here, and being able to study Iowa’s issues and policy, all while representing students in this role, has been an important aspect of my education. As for my future plans, I hope to attend law school and be involved with public policy in Iowa...and also obtain a school bus that I can paint cardinal and gold for tailgates as an alum!

Dr. Wendy Wintersteen, President, Iowa State University: You know when I shared with Morgan and Ellie that we wanted them to participate, their expression of happiness of being included was phenomenal. They were very touched and excited to be a part of this. They really couldn’t believe they got the opportunity to do this. When you think about these two presidents, they have had to work very hard, this is not a normal time to be a president of these student orgs. It has required increased effort and commitment. They have had to balance their constituents’ viewpoints on a whole set of complex issues. So it will be good to recognize the work they have done this year, and of course we still have the spring semester.

Rose Frantzen portrait session Time Lapse: Faces of Iowa State, Morgan Fritz
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